A downloadable Narrative Adventure for Windows and macOS

The Mystery on Tennent Drive

Those who are still around have questions they need answered, have anger that needs release, and for some......have clues they must follow. 

March 2nd was a beautiful day like any other. Abnormally warm for the time of year, the air was crisp, with not a single cloud in the sky. That all changed at 5:30 pm when black smoke began to fill the sky above Canada near the northern border of Quebec. Catch up with each character two weeks following the explosion that rocked the world. Step into their shoes, feel the emotion, heartbreak, and curiosity as each react to finding something peculiar in a time of turmoil. Help them to uncover their own purpose in this world of the unknown.  

-Controller Compatible

-Recommended Resolution: 1440 x 900

Install instructions

***For Windows Users

Installation Steps:

1. Click link for 64-Bit Game

2. Download and open zip file

3. Click The Mystery on Tennent Drive file folder

4. Click Windows file folder

5. Click The Mystery on Tennent Drive Application and press extract all

6. Pick where to extract the game to 

7.Find where it was saved, click on Windows file folder, The Mystery on Tennent Drive application

8. Have Fun!!



The Mystery on Tennent Drive (Mac) - Nick Tacconi.app.zip 87 MB
The Mystery on Tennent Drive (Windows x86_64).zip 82 MB

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